Rule 1101. Applicability of Rules

(a) Courts and magistrates. These rules apply to all courts of the State and to
magistrates, and court commissioners and justices of the peace, masters and
referees in actions, cases, and proceedings and to the extent hereinafter set
forth. The terms "judge" and "court" in these rules include magistrates, court
commissioners and justices of the peace.

(b) Proceedings generally. These rules apply generally to civil actions and
proceedings, to contempt proceedings except those in which the court may act
summarily, and to criminal cases and proceedings except as otherwise provided in
the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure.

(c) Rule of privilege. The rule with respect to privileges applies at all stages
of all actions, cases, and proceedings.

(d) Rules inapplicable. The rules (other than with respect to privileges) do not
apply to proceedings before grand juries.